Extension Cord With Circuit Breaker

Medical Power Cord Reel with Circuit Breaker

MedReel goes the extra distance to maintain reliability, because we understand the importance of high intensity situations where lives are on the line, and what a detriment it can be to an individuals health and chance of survival if equipment fails.
Our patented MedReel design is not only a durable (polypropylene) water tight, sanitary case, but is outfitted with a heavy 14 gauge wire, three prong (grounding prong) plug (male insert), and a circuit breaker.
This is just one more way we take the necessary and extra steps to ensure our customers are using the highest quality products in their medical facilities.

Hospital Power Extension Circuit Breaker

MedReels circuit breaker is designed to protect hospital devices from short circuits and overloads. Because MedReel has a circuit breaker built into it, you don’t have to worry about damage to your MedReel or the devices it’s powering. Furthermore, in the case of a power issue/electrical surge, all one needs to do is reset the circuit breaker on their MedReel and it’s ready for use.
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