Retractable Extension Cord Spool

Hospital Retractable Extension Cord Spool

If you need heavy duty, flexible power solutions for your medical or healthcare related facility, then MedReel is the perfect product for your business. This industrial electric cable spool comes in various models, offering different lengths of 13 amp 14 gauge cable to meet the needs of your hospital or medical work environment, while still retaining an appealing atmosphere for your clients and staff. It’s easy installation and portability make MedReel applicable to almost any medical workplace.

Medical Solutions for Power Cord Management

Because MedReel meets all necessary medical facility standards, with its UL/CSA, green dot certification and patented waterproof design, it can be deployed fast and easily allowing for quick power connections to devices across most work environments.
Knowing the fast pace and importance of every second in the medical field, MedReel is designed to save you time, so you can focus on more important matters.
Contact us for more information on MedReel – a superior power solution that can improve your medical/healthcare facility’s effectiveness and efficiency.
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Additional Cord Spool Information

A retractable electric cord spool, power extender spool, extension cord spool, or extension lead spool is special type of cable (a.k.a flex) that can carry power to and from a destination. Our retractable extension cord spool is contained in a durable waterproof case, attached to a retractable mechanism that delivers the appropriate amount of cable to bring power to a desired destination, with one end receiving – three-prong plug (male insert) – and the other delivering (female inserts). Call us today to find out more information on how you can take your business to the next level, with MedReel.

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