Retractable Electric Cord Reels

Medical Electric Cord Reels

MedReel’s durable plastic (polypropylene) professional grade cord reel is ideal for any medical setting. Made in various lengths of 13 amp 14 gauge cable, our retractable electric cord reels provide an efficient and effective means of flexibility, portability, and usability, all while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing work environment.

Power Cord Management Solution

The MedReel is the first UL/CSA, green dot certified, retractable electric cord reels available for use in medical and health related facilities. MedReel’s waterproof design (patented), heavy duty polypropylene case, and easy-to-use retractable reel mechanism make it the optimal choice for power management.
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More Cord Reels Information

A retractable electric cord reel, power extender reel, extension cord reel, or extension lead reel is a flexible electrical power cable (flex) inside one of our specialty watertight cases and attached a retracting mechanism with a three-prong plug (male insert) on one end and sockets (female inserts) on the other end. Types of inserts and cables can vary, as well as length and other product specifications.

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