Power Cord Safety

Since power cords are used every day, from backyards to hospital rooms, we sometimes take for granted that they will work safely. Electrical cords are safe most of the time, but it is good to remember that electricity is very powerful. Improper use of electrical cords and devices can cause property damage, severe injury, or even death. By keeping safety in mind, you can ensure that power cord use will never result in injury. The following tips will help keep you safe when using an electrical extension cord:

  • Keep cords off the floor. Cords left on the floor can cause a variety of safety issues. They can be tripped over, and being stepped on can cause damage to the cord casing. Also, when someone trips over a cord, it can cause bent prongs on the plug.

  • Do not run power cords under objects. Running an extension cord under furniture can cause damage to the cord. Placing a rug on top of a cord can cause overheating and fires.

  • Do not overload the cord. Plugging too many appliances into a cord is definitely not safe and should not be done. Using appliances that exceed the maximum wattage capacity for the cord is also dangerous.

  • Do not plug a three pronged cord into a two pronged outlet. The grounding will not work properly if this is done, even with an adapter.

  • Don’t bundle cords tightly. If you are keeping cords tied together when in use, be sure to bundle them loosely. Having cords too close together can cause overheating.

Please keep these safety tips in mind the next time you use an extension cord. If you use an extension cord frequently, a great way to avoid common safety issues is to use a retractable cord reel like Medreel. It keeps the cords safely out of the way to prevent tripping or overheating.