Monthly Archives: September 2015

Power Cord Safety

Because power cords are used every day and everywhere from backyards to hospital rooms, we sometimes take for granted that they will work safely. Electrical cords are safe most of the time, but it is good to remember that electricity is very powerful. Improper use of electrical cords and devices can cause property damage, severe…
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Ethernet Cables 101

Ethernet cables are used to transfer data between connected devices. Chances are you probably have an ethernet cable at home and at your workplace. Even if you have a wireless router it is still connected to the modem via an ethernet cable.   Types of Ethernet Cables Ethernet cables come is several different categories: Category…
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Cord Reel Application

There are many different situations that may require extendable power cable reels. These extension cord reels can come in a number of different sizes, gauges, colors, and be used for a many different scenarios. Here at MedReel, we make our power extension solutions convenient and easy to use for almost any work environment, including, but…
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